Policies and Privacy

Cookie files

Cookies are files created by your internet browser to remember your preferences and actions on the websites you visit. They do not contain personal information but allow to keep data such as items in your cart or your login settings.

Cookies collect information to improve the online experience of visitors by helping us understand how they use our websites, including the number of visits, the origin of visitors and the devices or browsers used. This data ensures optimal access to sites on users' preferred devices.

The information collected by cookies helps us collect information about visitors' preferences and how they interact with our content. With this data, we can offer relevant information from the beginning of their visit to the site.

Although the information collected through cookies does not personally identify you, with your permission, we may identify you if you log into one of our websites or apps.

The "cookies" used by the site are :

  • Functional cookies ;

    These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the site and cannot be disabled. They include basic preferences such as language and session, and are essential for evaluating site performance. Their permission is required to use the site, although you may block them in your browser. These cookies do not store any personal information

  • Personalization cookies ;

    These cookies allow us to analyze your interests and personalize your experience. They are created by us or by partners. For example, we adapt the site based on your interactions to improve your experience and recommend the best products. If you are logged into your account, you may be offered personalized offers.

  • Analytics cookies ;

    These cookies collect data about your interaction with our services to measure elements such as the duration of your visit, the part of the site visited and the sources of traffic. This information helps us improve performance and content by creating better features for a better online experience. The data collected is anonymous, aggregated and is not used for advertising or profiling purposes.

  • Performance cookies ;

    These cookies are used to analyze website performance and improve user experience by collecting information about how visitors use the site. The collected data is used to optimize the site and ensure that visitors easily find what they are looking for. This information is anonymous, aggregated and is not used for advertising or profiling purposes.

  • Advertising cookies ;

    These cookies are used to make ads more relevant by tracking the ads you interact with. They don’t collect personal information directly, but if you opt out, the ads you see may be less targeted.

  • Geolocation cookies ;

    These cookies are used to collect and store information about your specific geographic location, in order to provide you with content and offers tailored to your region. They are essential to personalize your user experience and check the availability of certain services in your area. If you disable these cookies, some services may not be available to you.

You can always disable cookies in your browser settings.