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The company

In 1982, Robert Roy, from by a long family legacy of metal artisans, launched Roy Metal Products in his garage. Today, this 2nd generation family business has become one of North America’s largest fabricators of custom metal products.  Based in Saint-Francois-de-le-Riviere-du-Sud, Quebec, Canada, today Roy has grown to 120,000 sq feet facility with 150 employees.  

Combining high quality materials and artful and creative designs and finishes with innovative techniques such as “V- groove” metal folding, and impeccable welding, plating, and polishing applications, Roy creates products that are both distinctive and functional. 

With decades of experience serving diverse customers, Roy Metal Products has developed systems, processes, and controls to meet the most exacting standards in esthetics, quality, and service.

After 35 years, Roy Metal Products has become a trusted partner in the Retail, Hospitality, Signage, Urban Furniture Industries and Airport Furniture.